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Motor Generator Rental: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Ownership

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Renting a motor generator set can be a cost-effective option, whether for a short-term project or as a stop-gap while waiting for permanent equipment.

There are several reasons why renting a motor generator set from Horlick may be a better solution than buying a unit outright. The units within the Horlick rental fleet are mostly designed for 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency conversion. This allows mains power typically found in the U.S. to be converted into a frequency typically available in places such as Europe.

Application #1: Product Testing for a One-Off International Project

A typical application for a 60 Hz to 50 Hz generator like the Horlick 50SC range is product testing. A manufacturer in the USA wishing to ship electrical products to Europe will need to test them using the frequencies available in the destination country. If the manufacturer is new to shipping to Europe and does not expect to be shipping products there on a regular basis, then renting a unit may be a better solution than buying a motor generator set. The monthly cost of a rental is approximately one tenth of the cost of a purchased unit, so for a one off project it will be clearly cost effective to rent rather than buy.

Some examples of this kind of application include a manufacturer of compressors based in Michigan, who had a one-off project to ship products to Europe. This company found the Horlick website through an Internet search. Though they considered buying a motor generator, they realized that for this one project, it made more sense to rent rather than to buy.

Another rental customer who manufactures neutron generators used in medical and military fields, also had a one-time project that required testing products that would be shipped to Europe, therefore they had a short term need for a 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency conversion motor generator set.

In both cases, the customers found that the rental unit was self-explanatory to use and no technical support was required. After mains power was wired into the control panel and mounted onto the unit, then the unit could be turned on and 50 Hz power was produced at the output.

Application #2: Shorter Lead Time for Rental Motor Generator Sets

Another reason why it can make sense to rent a motor generator set from Horlick is lead time. If your need to test products begins within the motor generator set lead time then renting is a short term option that will bridge the gap. Several Horlick customers have used this option.

Another potential application for a 60 Hz to 50 Hz motor generator set is to power manufacturing equipment that was originally built for use overseas, but is now installed in the USA. Often it can be very expensive to refit equipment to run on 60 Hz. In this case, a 60-50 Hz motor generator is a better option. This will typically call for a purchased unit, but if the lead time is a factor, then renting a unit on a temporary basis will provide a bridge until the purchased unit is available.

More Information on Horlick’s Rental Fleet

Horlick’s fleet of motor generator sets available for rental consists mostly of 60-50 HZ frequency converters. Our standard rental units are shipped with the controls for the motor-generator set unit-mounted for ease of installation and use.

In some instances, renting a Horlick motor generator set may provide the solution to frequency conversion application at a fraction of the cost of equipment ownership.

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