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60FC Model Motor Generator Set

60-60 Hz line conditioning


Horlick 60FC Model motor generator sets consist of a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, induction motor and a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, synchronous generator mounted on a rigid steel base and connected via a flexible coupling. The output frequency is 60 Hz at no-load and approximately 59.2 Hz at full-load due to the slip of the induction motor. 60FC Model motor generator sets provide a clean source of 60 Hz power that is isolated from the distribution system. These motor generators are rated for continuous duty and they provide manufacturers, building operations managers and plant engineers with a 60 Hz power source free of switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise. 60FC Model line conditioners isolate and protect computers, instrumentation and other sensitive electronic equipment from electrical faults that may cause erratic performance or failure. They are ideal in applications that require a pure sine wave and absolute load isolation, but do not necessarily require precisely 60 Hz power.

Horlick 60FC Model motor generator sets are designed to be installed inside where an 80-85 dBA noise level is acceptable. As an option, 60FC Model motor generator sets can be mounted in a weather-resistant enclosure, a sound-reduced enclosure, a cargo container or a trailer. Each 60FC Model motor generator set is equipped with a standard control system that is either wall-mounted or free standing. The components in the control system perform the functions necessary to operate, monitor and protect the system.


  • Economical
  • Reliable and durable
  • Absolute load isolation
  • Easy to operate
  • Exceptional MTBF
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Equipped with a standard control panel
Motor-generator for frequency conversion 50 Hz to 60 Hz from Horlick

60FC Model Motor Generator Set with Integrated Control Panel

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