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Motor Generator Set Customization

Frequency Conversion or Load Isolation Generators, Custom Built to Your Specs

Horlick offers motor generator set customization when standard models just won’t do. While we have a standard product offering, we understand that every application is unique. As a result, we use our standard products as building blocks to engineer and design each system to your individual requirements. Horlick has the engineering expertise to offer customized motor generators designed to meet virtually any requirement.


The most common request we receive is to place our units in a weather-resistant or sound-reduced enclosure. For these applications, we typically supply an enclosure that utilizes 2” extruded aluminum for its frame and walls that are insulated with foam and made from galvanized sheet metal. We have successfully deployed motor generators sets with this design in a variety of environmental conditions that include high elevations where snow, wind and rain are prevalent or in dessert environments where high heat, large temperature variations and wind driven sand can be common.

As an alternative, for large scale projects requiring a turn-key solution, we also place our motor generator sets in 20’ long cargo shipping containers. This design is popular as it has the benefit of extra inside space which allows for ease of maintenance and repair on the motor generator set and control panel. It also provides ample room to mount other ancillary items as required.


Cargo Container Outside and Inside

Cargo Container Outside and Inside

Control Systems

Horlick motor generator sets are equipped with a control system that can be unit-mounted, wall-mounted or free standing. In our standard packages, we provide a control system that performs the functions necessary to operate, monitor and protect our motor generator sets. In certain projects, a more sophisticated control design is required. The Horlick Company has the capability to supply a PLC-based control system complete with an Operator Interface Terminal that can be designed to monitor a wide range of system parameters. As an option, we can also supply our systems with a remote monitoring package that allows our motor generator sets to be remotely operated and monitored.

Mechanical and Electrical Customization

The options described above are a limited sampling of our ability to customize our equipment per your request. Horlick has the engineering and fabrication capabilities to modify the construction of our motor generator sets to accommodate a wide range of mechanical and electrical requirements. Please contact our office if you have any questions with respect to our capabilities.


Shaft Extension

Shaft extension added to generator on large 50SC Models

Most common enclosure type

Generator Reconnection Switch Option

Generator Reconnection Switch Option

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