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60-400 Hz Motor Generator Sets

Frequency conversion for naval/air force bases, missile and more

Horlick 400SC and 400TR Model motor generator sets provide 60-400 Hz frequency conversion for naval and air force bases, missile and ground support operations and manufacturers requiring 400 Hz power. These models each have a distinctly different design; however, they are both versatile enough to be utilized in virtually any 60-400 Hz application.

400SC Model Motor Generator

Mechanically Coupled, 12.5 to 150 KVA, for Military and Industrial Applications

Horlick 400SC Model motor generators represent our most economical 60-400 Hz package. They are utilized in industrial and military applications alike. These units consist of a 4-pole, 2000 RPM, induction motor and a 24-pole, 2000 RPM, synchronous generator mounted on a rigid steel base and connected via a flexible coupling. The motor generator set speed is controlled by a variable frequency drive that maintains the output frequency within a frequency range of 400 Hz (+/-1%) on standard units. Horlick 400SC are offered in capacities ranging from 12.5 to 150 KVA.

400TR Model Motor Generator

Common-Shaft, 12.5 to 375 KVA, for Specialized Applications

Horlick 400TR Model motor generator sets are reserved for specialized applications. These units utilize a design in which a 6-pole, synchronous motor and a 40-pole, synchronous generator are placed on a shaft that rotates at 1200 RPM. The output frequency of this system is precisely 400 Hz given an accurate 60 Hz input. 400TR motor generator sets are offered in capacities ranging from 12.5 to 375 KVA. They are most commonly deployed in demanding military environments or in applications where a precise 400 Hz output is required.

400SC Motor Generator Set
400SC Motor Generator Set
400TR Motor Generator Set
400TR Motor Generator Set

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