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50RG Model Motor Generator Set

60-50 Hz frequency converter


Horlick 50RG Model motor generator sets utilize a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, induction motor to drive a 4-pole, 1500 RPM synchronous generator through a reduction gear system. The output frequency is 50 Hz (+/-0.5%) due to slip of the induction motor. 50RG Model motor generator sets are rated for continuous duty and they provide manufacturers a clean source of 50 Hz power isolated from switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise. They are most commonly utilized to test electrical equipment designed for the foreign export market. Alternatively, these motor generator sets can also be utilized by American based manufacturers who need to run a large piece of imported 50 Hz equipment as a part of their process here in the US. 50RG Model motor generator sets are ideal for large capacity installations where the application does not require a precise 50 Hz power source.

Horlick 50RG Model motor generator sets are designed to be installed inside where a 100-105 dBA noise level is acceptable. As an option, if noise level reduction or weather protection is required, 50RG Model motor generator sets can be mounted in a cargo container. Each 50RG Model motor generator set is equipped with a standard free-standing control system. The components in the control system perform the functions necessary to operate, monitor and protect the system.


  • Designed to power large loads
  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Exceptional MTBF
  • Minimal maintenance required
50RG 60RG Reduction Gear Motor Generator Sets
60RG Control Panel

50RG Control Panel

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