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Motor Generator Sets

Frequency Conversion or Load Isolation Generators, Custom Built to Your Specs

Horlick is a world-renowned manufacturer of motor generator sets used for both frequency conversion and load isolation. We have a range of models that fit most common applications, including:

  • 60-50 Hz: Commonly used by U.S. manufacturers to test their products for a foreign market, as the U.S. uses 60 Hz power frequency while Europe and Asia use 50 Hz
  • 50-60 Hz: Commonly used by U.S. manufacturers operating in other countries who need to convert power to 50 Hz for their existing equipment
  • 60-400 Hz: Used by naval and air force bases, missile and ground support operations and manufacturers requiring 400 Hz power
  • Line Conditioning (60-60 Hz): Provides a clean source of conditioned 60 Hz power free from utility faults, surges, switching transients and harmonic distortion; minimizes equipment damage, shutdown and data loss in areas with power fluctuations
  • Variable Frequency: Used by manufacturers who want the flexibility of quickly switching the frequency in their test bays between 50 and 60 Hz; ideal for custom installations where flexibility and functionality are required

Motor Generator Customization

While Horlick has a standard product offering, we understand that not every application fits the average solution. That’s why we also offer custom solutions, using our standard products as building blocks to engineer and design each system to your individual requirements. We have the engineering expertise to offer custom motor generators designed to meet virtually any requirement. Here are a few of the options we have to customize your motor generator set:

  • Enclosures: Our most common request is to place our units in a weather-resistant or sound-reduced enclosure
  • Control Systems: Our motor generator sets are equipped with a control system that can be unit-mounted, wall-mounted or free standing
  • Mechanical and Electrical Customization: We have the engineering and fabrication capabilities to modify the construction of our motor generator sets to accommodate a wide range of requirements

Units for Rent

Not ready for ownership? Waiting for your own motor generator set to be built? Our rental units provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for many scenarios where you might not yet be ready for ownership. Over the years, we have repurchased a number of units from customers who were ready for an upgrade. Because of this, we are equipped with a fleet of motor generator sets that we offer on a rental basis.

50SC Motor Generator Set
50SC Motor Generator Set: Our Most Popular Model
Rugged Custom Enclosure
60RG Control Panel
50RG 60RG Control Panel

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