Custom Control Panels

for continuous process control, automation, safety and more

Custom Control Panels for Your Unique Application

Horlick’s custom control panels are primarily used to integrate industrial control systems. We have a very wide customer base, and as a result, we have an extensive amount of experience in batching and packaging applications, continuous process control, automation, safety and combustion control.

We are equally comfortable working with customers who require a simple motor-starter control panel to operate a stand-alone vacuum pump, or those who require a turn-key, multi-door, control enclosure that contains a PLC, HMI and multiple variable frequency drives to operate a process, such as a 200-foot-long industrial oven. We work with clients who only require 3 or 4 control panels per year, along with those who have us manufacture 10 or more per week.


The Process

Whether we are working with a new or existing customer, the process is the same. We determine the customer’s individual requirements for the project and apply proper industry standards to develop a solution. We can build control panels to meet detailed designs and requirements provided by our customers.

We handle all steps of the process: Design, Programming, Assembly, Testing and Commissioning. We have the expertise to provide the perfect custom solution.

Key applications include:

  • Industrial baking
  • Material handling
  • Robotics
  • HVAC
  • Automation
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • …and more!

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast Quotes & Delivery
    • Your customers are asking for a quote yesterday. Our dedicated Sales Engineering team has experience quoting panels of all types and sizes so we can quickly and accurately design a panel to meet your needs with industry-leading delivery times.
  • Exceptional Support & Service
    • We pride ourselves on our legendary customer service. Our specialists are ready to be part of your team.
  • High Quality Products
    • We use the highest quality parts and components. All custom control panels are fully powered up and thoroughly tested before delivery.
  • Experience You Can Trust
    • Our Sales Engineering team quotes thousands of control panels every year, so we’ve seen it all!

See Some of Our Control Panels Below!

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