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Horlick Utilizes Multiple Locations to Meet High Volume, Tight Deadline Project

In this case study, Horlick utilized the multiple locations at our disposal to help meet a high volume, tight deadline project.


This project focused on a major robotics warehouse automation company based out of Wilmington, MA, that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated software combined with state-of-the-art robotics to move goods through the supply chain with speed and precision.

They were selected to reinvent the regional distribution centers for a large national retailer who is facing challenges with limited labor availability and increasing operating costs.


The new automation system was deployed at a distribution center in Florida with an additional 42 major distribution centers to be automated over the next couple of years.


They tasked Horlick, an SJE company located in Randolph, MA, with building a variety of custom control systems to help implement the AI driven automation technology being used in the new systems.  This included power distribution and PLC panels. Phase one of the project called for 36 control panels to be installed at a distribution center in Florida for testing, validation, and shakedown before the other distribution centers were updated.

When the initial orders for phase one were released, and due to the high volume and tight deadline of the project, it was decided to relocate the assembly of the control panels to the SJE location in St. Petersburg, FL to leverage available capacity. Recognizing the benefits of this approach and with the successful execution of phase one, it was decided to continue using the FL location for assembly for phases two-six.


Numerous challenges needed to be addressed to ensure the successful completion of this project. SJE has eight UL508A panels shops across the United States.  Utilizing multiple locations, SJE was able to meet and overcome these challenges by load sharing across sites, hiring and training new assemblers, working together on transferring materials, and working together to streamline the design and schematics of these custom control systems. By optimizing resources effectively, SJE demonstrates agility and expansiveness in their overall operation and reach for their customers.



A major AI Robotics Automation Company


November 2022 – February 2024


Fred Navabi- Business Development Manager
Mark Caldwell – Operations Manager
Eric White – Project Manager
Sal Cvorak – St. Petersburg Operations Manager


  • Panel Fabrication
  • Design Reviews

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