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Line Conditioning by a Motor Generator Set Provides a Source of Clean Power

60-60 Hz Motor Generator sets for Line Conditioning

Benefits of using motor generator sets in maritime applications.

An important application for motor generators is line isolation, where a clean source of electrical power, free of switching transients or other fluctuations, is required. In the two applications described here, a Horlick FC Model 60-60 Hz motor generator set is used onboard a ship and an oil rig to prevent line noise from reaching sensitive electronic equipment.

In motor generator set applications used for line conditioning, the input and output voltages can be configured as required for the application. The key to the design is the mechanical isolation that exists between the motor and generator. The mechanical isolation effectively filters out any switching transients or other fluctuations on the input and it allows the generator to produce a clean, noise-free, sinusoidal output voltage.

Application #1: Eliminating Electrical Noise on an AHTS Vessel

Horlick recently shipped a Model 60FC-603, 75 KVA, 60-60 Hz, motor generator set to SEACOR. This motor generator set was placed on their “Anchor Handling Towing Supply” (AHTS) vessel, the Seacor Vanguard. AHTS vessels are naval ships specifically built to tug or tow oil rigs to sea and oceanic areas. The “anchor supply” mentioned as a part of the vessel’s name is then allowed to be sunk into the seawater in order to anchor the oil rig. Additionally, another major feature of these vessels is that they also act as rescue vessels for other ships in times of distress or emergency.

SEACOR Marine’s AHTS vessels are built to deploy and recover mooring systems for deep-water drilling rigs. These highly specialized vessels have high cargo capacities and large capacity traction winches for the deep-water mooring of their customers’ drilling rigs. In order to achieve their critical tasks, these vessels employ state-of-the-art electronics to monitor and control their equipment and to provide dynamic positioning capabilities. The sensitive electronics in this particular case were experiencing failures due to the electrical noise that was originating from other 60 Hz loads within the vessels’ electrical distribution system.

To combat the problem, the Horlick motor generator set was installed between the equipment that was generating the electrical noise and the sensitive electronics so as to provide electrical isolation. Horlick line conditioners have the ability to run from the “noisy” source and provide clean isolated power to the sensitive equipment. The system supplied to the SEACOR Vanguard provided a 60 Hz power source free of switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise. 60FC Model motor generator sets are rated for continuous duty and they isolate and protect computers, instrumentation and other sensitive electronic equipment from electrical faults that may cause erratic performance or failure. They are ideal in applications that require a pure sine wave and absolute load isolation.

Application #2: Eliminating Electrical Noise on a Semi-Submersible Oil Drilling Platform

In another somewhat similar maritime application, Horlick shipped a Model 60FC-2003, 250 KVA, 60-60 Hz motor generator set to Atwood Oceanics.

60-60 Hz MG sets for clean electrical power

60 Hz Line Conditioning MG Set on the Atwood Falcon

Atwood Oceanics was an offshore drilling contractor. Established in 1968, Atwood was a leader in delivering safe, reliable and efficient offshore drilling services around the world. They were acquired by ENSCO in 2017.

Horlick constructed a Model 60FC-2003, 250 KVA motor generator set for one of Atwood’s semi-submersible oil drilling platforms, the Atwood Falcon. This platform is located off the coast of Australia and is a Maltese Cross class drilling platform that works in ocean depths up to 25,000 feet.

In a manner similar to the one described above for the AHTS vessel, the Horlick motor generator set was installed between the power source for the rig and its sensitive electronics. These electronics were experiencing interference from the oil rig power supply. The motor generator conditions the 60 Hz power, making it clean for the sensitive electronics. In this particular application, the motor generator set was mounted in Horlick’s custom outdoor enclosure, as it will be mounted on the rig platform.

Horlick line conditioners are designed to minimize equipment damage, shutdown and data loss in areas where incoming power line fluctuations are a problem. They are ideally suited for maritime applications such as those described above. Horlick supplies two types of motor generators sets for line conditioning; the FC and the RC lines. The FC Model is the most economical and it was chosen for these applications because a precise 60 Hz output was NOT required. The output frequency on these units is 60 Hz at no-load and they linearly slip to approximately 59.2 Hz at full-load. In applications where a precise 60 Hz output is required, Horlick offers its RC Model motor generator set which utilizes a synchronous motor to drive the generator. The synchronous motor runs at a constant speed from no-load to full-load and this allows the output frequency to be precisely 60 Hz for all load conditions. Both the FC and RC Models can also be used in 50 Hz applications to create the same level of electrical line isolation herein described.

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