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How to Choose the Best Motor Generator Set for Your Needs

how to choose the best motor generator set for your needs

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best motor generator set for your application. This will depend on whether you need to convert your power frequency or if you need a clean source of power. There are also options for rugged enclosures and rental, if that fits your situation better.

Below are some common applications that Horlick has experience with and the best solutions for them:

manufacturing equipment

Product Testing: 60-50 Hz Conversion

Changing your power to match the required frequency for product testing is a common application for motor generator sets. Our 60-50 Hz is commonly used by U.S. manufacturers to test their products for a foreign market, as the U.S. uses 60 Hz power frequency while Europe and Asia use 50 Hz.

robotic assembly line

Foreign Manufacturing Equipment/Power: 50-60 Hz Conversion

Our 50-60 Hz is used by U.S. manufacturers operating in other countries who need to convert power to 50 Hz for their existing equipment, or by foreign manufacturers creating products for the U.S. market. One example of this is a customer who came to Horlick needing a motor generator set to convert the frequency in the Thailand manufacturing plant to 60 Hz so that they could test their products before shipping them to the U.S.

air force jet

Naval/Air Force/Missile/Ground Support: 60-400 Hz Conversion

Naval and air force bases, missile and ground support operations, and certain manufacturers require 400 Hz power for their operations. A 60-400 Hz motor generator set converts the power so their equipment can function.

robotic assembly arm

Flexible Frequency for Product Testing: Variable Frequency

Some manufacturers want the flexibility of quickly switching the frequency in their test bays between 50 and 60 Hz. In this case, a variable frequency motor generator set is the ideal, because it allows the manufacturer to switch back and forth. It’s also ideal for custom installations where extra flexibility and functionality are required.

offshore oil platform

Sensitive Electronics Susceptible to Electrical Noise: Line Conditioning (60-60 Hz)

Certain applications require a clean source of power to prevent sensitive electronics from failing due to electrical noise within the system. One example that Horlick created a solution for is an Anchor Handling Towing Supply (AHTS) vessel used to tug or tow oil rigs in the ocean. The AHTS vessel was experiencing equipment failures due to electrical noise from other 60 Hz loads in the electrical distribution system. By installing a 60FC motor generator set between the equipment generating noise and the sensitive electronics, the power source was isolated, and the electronics received a clean source of power to prevent further failures. Another application was for a semi-submersible oil drilling platform. You can read more about these applications here.

desert oil rig

Harsh Outdoors Environments: Custom Solutions with Rugged Enclosures

Many of Horlick’s customers require solutions that go beyond our standard models to provide protection from the harsh conditions of their applications. Our custom motor generator sets often feature rugged enclosures to protect the equipment in harsh environments like coastal or desert installations. Previous applications we’ve built for include a dockside installation for the Israeli Navy and a desert oil well.

400sc motor-generator set

Temporary Applications: Rental

Sometimes you might not need a motor generator set long-term, but only for a certain period of time. In these situations, our rental fleet can provide you with the most cost-effective solution.

Don’t See Your Application?

If you don’t see your application above, that doesn’t mean we don’t have experience with it! You can reach out to us to find the best solution for you by submitting a motor generator quote request form or by calling us at (781) 963-0090.

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