The Horlick Company announces the shipment of two Motor-Generator sets to be used to convert frequency from 60 Hz to 400 Hz.

Randolph, MA – The Horlick Company, a leader in the manufacture of motor generator sets for both frequency conversion and load-isolation, announces the successful completion and shipment of two Model 400SC, 60-400 Hz, motor-generator sets.  Both units are being installed by manufacturers to test and qualify their products at 400 Hz and these customers turned to Horlick as their supplier for a 60-400 Hz, frequency converting, motor-generator set.

The first unit was a Model 400SC-83, 10 KVA system shipped to Cletronics, Inc. who is a contract manufacturer of custom wound electronic components. Cletronics is a leading supplier of custom transformers, inductors, chokes, and other specialty coils, and their customers include OEM’s in aerospace, military, commercial, and medical industries.

“Horlick delivered a Model 400SC-83 motor generator set to us earlier this year. The new Horlick unit replaced an older unit (not from Horlick), and it is being used to test transformer products. The Horlick unit has a wider voltage range than the old unit and it is better equipped to accomplish our current testing requirements” said Jerry Welch the Material Control Manager at Cletronics “The motor-generator set is meeting our needs. The Horlick Company was very easy to deal with, information from their website and engineering staff was timely and detailed. We are very pleased with the product and we would be definitely do business with Horlick in the future.”

“These Model 400SC motor-generator sets are our latest 60-400 Hz units that we have introduced into the market,” said Shawn Hennessey Horlick’s Vice-President of Engineering. “They have been well received and they are ideal for contract manufacturer’s such as Cletronics who require a clean source of 400 Hz power for their testing needs.”

The second unit was a Model 400SC-603, 75 KVA system shipped to a company who is a leading manufacturer in the field of high performance wire and cable. The new motor-generator set is being used to test new cable designs that are being installed in advanced passenger jets. This company was “absolutely satisfied with the excellent product” and expedited delivery. “Horlick kept us informed at all times and provided excellent documentation…in fact we made need another unit!”

About Horlick

The Horlick Company is the worldwide leading supplier of Motor-Generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.

The Horlick Company also designs and manufactures industrial control panels and motor control centers for motor and process control applications. Specialties include the fabrication of both relay-based and PLC-based systems.
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