The Horlick Company Announces Motor-Generator Set Shipments Made in the Second Half of 2018.

These highlighted MG sets were shipped throughout the world and they are intended to be used in 60-50 Hz, 50-60 Hz and 60-400 Hz frequency conversion applications.

Randolph, MA, January 25, 2019 – The Horlick Company, a manufacturer of motor-generator sets for both frequency conversion and load-isolation is announcing information regarding a portion of the shipments it made in the second half of 2018.

The 60-50 Hz motor generator sets will be used in manufacturing industries where testing is required at 50 Hz prior to shipment overseas. The 50 Hz machines will be testing products such as compressed air and process cooling equipment, along with utility protection relays. The 60-400 Hz machines will be used will be used for transformer testing which is one of our more common 400 Hz applications. Lastly, a couple of the motor-generator sets shipped in this second half of the year will be supporting military projects in Europe and the Middle East. For these projects, the motor generator sets are being used to provide 60 Hz power in countries where only 50 Hz is available.

The Horlick Company manufactures motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Given either a 50 or 60 Hz input, Horlick motor-generator sets can be designed to deliver an output frequency of 50, 60, or 400 Hz.

The details of a few of our shipments are as follows:

  • General Air Products in Exton, PA purchased their second Model 50SC-73M motor-generator set in the past 6 years. General Air Products uses our 60-50 Hz frequency converters to test compressed air and process cooling equipment that they ship overseas. The motor-generator set was fitted with an oversized generator to allow for better transient performance while they test their equipment.
  • A Model 50SC-301M motor-generator set was shipped to Utility Relay Company in Chagrin Falls, OH. This 60-50 Hz MG set was custom designed for URC’s unique request. URC develops and manufactures protection products for the low voltage circuit breaker retrofit market. URC will be using our motor generator set to provide a source of 400V, 1-phase, 50 Hz power to test thermal, magnetic and solid-state trip devices used in circuit breakers.
  • MGM Transformer Company in Commerce, CA took delivery of a Model 400SC-203, 60-400 Hz motor-generator set. MGM manufactures both dry and liquid filled transformers. MGM will be utilizing our frequency converter to test their transformers. The system we shipped is rated for 20 KW and it was placed in a customized sound-reducing enclosure.
  • A Model 60SC-101 motor-generator set was purchased by Kiple Acquisition Science Technology Logistics & Engineering Inc. (KASTLE) and shipped to the Czech Republic. The 50 Hz to 60 Hz frequency converter was completed on an expedited basis to allow KASTLE to meet their aggressive project schedule. KASTLE has broad experience in chemical and biological warfare defense equipment development.
  • A Model 60SH-1503 motor-generator set was purchased by Houston Fearless 76 to be used to support their overseas intelligence ground support platforms applications. The motor-generator set was mounted in a custom, NEMA 3R, weather-resistant enclosure. This marks the third such identical system that we have shipped them in the past 6 years. Houston Fearless 76 provides services to the Department of Defense.

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The Horlick Company is a worldwide leading supplier of motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.
The Horlick Company also designs and manufactures industrial control panels and motor control centers for motor and process control applications. Specialties include the fabrication of both relay-based and PLC-based systems.
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