The Horlick Company Announces Motor-Generator Set Shipments Made in the First Half of 2019.

These selected shipments will be used in applications that include biotech, manufacturing, instrumentation, centerless grinding and military.

Randolph, MA, January 21, 2020 – The Horlick Company, a manufacturer of motor-generator sets for both frequency conversion and load-isolation, is announcing information regarding a portion of the shipments it made in 2019.

Included in these shipments were a few variations of the economical Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator set. The 50SC Model MG converts frequency from 60 Hz to 50 Hz and is popular in industrial applications. Common uses for the 50SC Model include providing 50 Hz power to test products prior to being shipped overseas or providing 50 Hz power to run 50 Hz production equipment imported from overseas to run in factories here in the U.S.

The details on a few of the 50SC Model shipments are as follows:

  • Horlick shipped a Model 50SC-151 motor-generator set to Meissner Filtration Products in Camarillo, CA. Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration products and One-Touch® single-use systems for critical applications across the Pharmaceutical, Bioprocessing, Biologicals, Laboratory, Microelectronics, Food and Beverage, Industrial, and Chemical industries. This motor-generator set was equipped with our reconnection switch option that gives Meissner the flexibility to switch their 50 Hz output test voltage between 110/220V, 1-phase and 220/380V, 3-phase.
  • Glebar, a Ramsey, NJ based global leader in centerless grinding industry purchased a Model 50SC-503 motor-generator set. Glebar’s versatile suite of precision grinding machines and automated turnkey grinding systems can process a multitude of materials for end-use applications found in virtually any industry or home around the world. They also purchased our reconnection switch option so they could utilize our MG set to test their grinders at either 120/208V, 3-phase, 50 Hz or 240/416V, 3-phase, 50 Hz. The unit that we shipped replaced an older unit that was too small to serve their expanding requirements.
  • For the second time in two years, Horlick shipped an MG set to General Glass. This new frequency converter was a Model 50SC-1003, 60-50 Hz unit and it was double the capacity of their last system. Similar to their last purchase, General Glass took delivery of a loaner system to use while their new system was being manufactured. General Glass utilizes our 60-50 Hz MG sets to power production lines that they bring in from overseas to run here in their facility in Secaucus, NJ.

The Horlick Company has been providing motor-generator sets to the Naval Air Station in Fallon, NV for 50 years. NAS Fallon is the United States Navy’s premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility. Their demanding military applications require the most rugged and reliable frequency converters that we offer. Jacobs Technology made a purchase for NAS Fallon in Q2 of 2019.

The details on their procurement are as follows:

  • A total of three MG sets were purchased. Two of the motor-generator sets were a Model 50SH-603 used to convert frequency from 60 Hz to 50 Hz. The third motor-generator was a Model 400TR-753 used to convert frequency from 60 Hz to 400 Hz. All (3) frequency converters utilize a single shaft design where the motor and generator are mounted on a common shaft that rotates at synchronous speed. This single shaft design concept is popular in rugged military applications where maximum reliability is critical. The single shaft eliminates the need for mechanical belts and couplings. The MG sets delivered under this contract were all placed in NEMA 3R, weather-resistant enclosures.

As stated, our 400TR Model is a common choice for rugged, military projects. For 60-400 Hz, industrial manufacturing and testing applications, the Horlick Model 400SC is frequently used. A Model 400SC-601 motor-generator set was shipped to ABB in Pinetops, NC.

The details are as follows:

  • ABB, a manufacturer of distribution components such as instrument transformers, sensors, fused cutouts, single phase overhead switches, and capacitor fuses had a requirement to replace an older, 60-400 Hz, MG set. In their new requirement, they requested a machine with a capacity of 75 KVA at a voltage of 480V, 1-phase. They also required that the control panel for the new MG set control a smaller unit that they wanted to keep in place. The control panel for the Horlick Model 400SC-601 was customized to control our new unit, along with the smaller unit that remained installed in their facility.

About Horlick

The Horlick Company is a worldwide leading supplier of motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.

The Horlick Company also designs and manufactures industrial control panels for motor and process control applications. Specialties include the fabrication of PLC-based systems complete with Operator Interface Terminals (OITs).

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