Rugged Outdoor Applications for Motor-Generator Sets

Critical applications that require continuous up-time, at full power in adverse conditions with minimal required maintenance.

Horlick motor-generator sets are designed for continuous-duty in an indoor environment. Quite frequently an indoor installation is not possible and we are requested to supply our motor-generator sets in an outdoor enclosure. More often than not, the environmental conditions at the site where the motor-generator will be located are less than ideal.

As required, the Horlick Company provides its motor-generator sets in custom, outdoor, weather-resistant enclosures. The basic construction consists of the motor-generator set mounted on a rigid-steel base and covered by an enclosure that utilizes an extruded aluminum frame and has walls that are made from galvanized sheet metal. We have successfully deployed motor-generators sets with this design in a variety of environmental conditions that include high elevations where snow, wind and rain are prevalent or in desert environments where high heat, large temperature variations and wind driven sand can be common.

Below are two examples of projects just completed where our motor-generator sets were placed in custom, weather-resistant enclosures.

Dockside installation of 60SC Model Motor-Generator set for the Israeli Navy

The Horlick Company delivered a Model 603-503 motor-generator set to a contractor to the Israeli Navy as part of a larger project. The motor-generator set was consolidated with other equipment procured by the U.S. based subsidiary of the contractor and then shipped to Israel for deployment.

The motor-generator provided was designed to convert 50 Hz to 60 Hz and deliver a power capacity of 62.5 KVA. The motor-generator set was required because it is used to supply power to 60 Hz loads in Israel where the only power available is supplied at 50 Hz.

Dockside installation of 60SC Model Motor-Generator set
The requirement was for continuous operation, outdoors, in a seaside installation. The customer originally found Horlick as a result of an Internet search and was able to determine that the Horlick Company had the technical expertise to meet the requirements of the application. The Horlick Company submitted a formal submittal with all of the design parameters of its equipment and then worked closely with the customer through the approval process to make sure the equipment would perform as required. The customer commented that “the Horlick Company was very helpful and that they promptly and thoroughly answered every question and that the unit that was delivered has performed exactly as designed and expected.

Successful deployment of a 50SC Model Motor-Generator set for an oil well testing application in a desert environment

An oil and gas services company, based in Texas and working in the Middle East, had a requirement to provide a source of continuous 50 Hz power to support their local field operations. The available power at the worksite was 60 Hz, and as a result, the company needed a motor generator set to provide the frequency conversion from 60 Hz to 50 Hz. In addition, the jobsite was a hot sandy desert which meant that the motor-generator set needed to be designed to run continuously in an outdoor enclosure.

The customer’s country manager in the Middle East found the Horlick Company through an Internet search and determined that Horlick equipment was the best option for this application. They were very pleased with the technical support provided by Horlick and the flexibility offered with the delivery.

Originally the order was expedited and built in an accelerated time frame, but when conditions on the ground at the location changed right before shipment, the Horlick Company stored the completed equipment and delivered it weeks later once the customer’s problem had been resolved.

This customer was so pleased with their experience that they subsequently ordered another similar but smaller motor-generator for another location in the same region.


Custom Enclosure Design

50SC Model Motor-Generator set for an oil well testing application in a desert environmentHorlick motor-generator sets are designed for continuous-duty in an indoor environment. Depending on the model and its capacity, typical noise levels can be as low as 75-80 dBA or as high as 100-105 dBA. For customers that require a lower noise level or for those that wish to place the unit outdoors, the Horlick Company offers custom enclosures.

Regardless of whether the application is for noise reduction or weather protection, the same basic construction is used for Horlick enclosures. The enclosure is designed to sit on the rigid steel base that supports the motor-generator set and its frame is made from extruded aluminum. The four walls and the roof are made from galvanized sheet metal and they are insulated with 2-inch thick sound-deadening foam. To provide easy access to the motor-generator set and allow for maintenance, three of the enclosure walls are removable.

The custom enclosure is self-ventilated. The internal fans of the motor and generator pull air through a screened opening in the back wall, and the air is then exhausted through custom ducting attached to the motor and generator outlet air exhaust plenums. This simple design has proven to be very effective in outdoor applications involving extreme heat, rain or wind-blown sand.

To make the installation easier for the customer, all electrical connections are routed through a conduit opening in the one fixed wall of the enclosure and terminated in the system control panel. Alternatively, for those customers who prefer the control panel to be located separate from the motor-generator set, the electrical connections can be terminated in a junction box. With either approach, the customer is not be required to make any penetrations into the custom enclosure when the motor-generator set is installed.

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