Connecting and controlling multiple, remote industrial control panels through fiber optic cable.

A soil remediation project requiring 10 remote recovery wells will be controlled via separate control panels using fiber optic cable.

The Horlick Company is a manufacturer of industrial controls used in a wide variety of applications. A single control panel is commonly used to control an individual piece of equipment or it can be used to control a localized process that may consist of pumps, blowers, heaters, etc. For larger projects, or projects where the equipment is separated by a great distance, several control panels may be needed to integrate the process. These control panels are typically networked together and controlled from a central location.

This application note describes a groundwater remediation installation in South Carolina that required control panels to be installed at (10) separate recovery wells to be remotely controlled and monitored by an eleventh ‘main’ control panel at a central location.

Remote Control Panel for water remediation project

Remote Control Panel

Due to the distances involved and client preference, there were three options to facilitate communication between the eleven control panels:

  1. Direct wire
  2. Fiber Optic Cable
  3. Leased Cellular Network

The project specification allowed for a single programmable logic controller (PLC) within the main control panel, combined with distributed inputs and outputs (I/O) to be located in the individual well control panels. The original design specification showed preference for a leased cellular wireless network to be used as the means of communicating between the control panels. The importance of maintaining a reliable and robust connection between the control panels, combined with the fact that the furthest well control panel was located 4,000 feet away from the main control panel, led the Horlick Company to propose a fiber optic network for the communication platform. Since the client already had to trench for the water piping, Horlick felt that the cost impact of adding the fiber optic cable runs to each well would not be as significant had the trenching not already been required. Additionally, once installed, there would be no further cost for the fiber optic cable solution. If the client had chosen the cellular approach, initial equipment costs would have been compounded by monthly network maintenance fees during the lifetime of the project. Additionally, there was also the uncertainty of required cellular equipment replacement in the event of carrier technology upgrades.

The client ultimately agreed with Horlick’s approach and Horlick provided a main control panel with an Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC and (10) remote well control panels with Allen-Bradley distributed I/O. Each well control panel contains motor controls for the groundwater pumps. The level and flow rate from each well are monitored and the flow is controlled through the operation of a modulating control valve associated with each well. The parameters, set points and operation of each recovery well are controlled from the main control panel. All of this data is communicated over the fiber network. The fiber optic cable is terminated on N-Tron FX series Ethernet switches that are utilized to complete the network. To date, the system has been running without incident and the client can take comfort in the fact that neither the weather, cellular tower uptime, nor radio interference will have any impact on the effectiveness of their system.

Main Control Panel ground water remediation project

Main Control Panel

Remediation Project Details

The Horlick Company, Inc. supplied the control panels to Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. (MAE2). The control system has been designed and manufactured to operate groundwater recovery and treatment equipment associated with extraction of a large volatile organic compound (VOC) plume in the aquifer.

The end customer, a valve manufacturer in South Carolina for over 40 years, has allowed solvents to contaminate the soil around the factory. Since the solvents are water soluble, the solvents have leached into the local aquifer and have contaminated the water table in a nearby residential community. With all of the wells in operation, the system has the capacity to run at 275 gallons per minute while it draws down the water and allows the contaminants to be removed.

MAE2’s system included (10) groundwater pumps, combined with equalization and storage tank transfer pumps, and dual air stripper blowers that are all controlled by the Horlick control system. This is a project that was in discussion and preparation for 8 years. The site startup occurred in September of 2016 and the cleanup is expected to last for about 20 years before remediation is complete.

“Horlick control panels are laid out well and use quality materials” said Shawn Evans, Vice President for MAE2 “Horlick has a remarkable range of products and capability; they can provide control panels that are single use basic panels all the way up to entire systems. We never use anyone else for our control panels as Horlick provides a very good product at a fair price”

About Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment
Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. (MAE2) has been a leading manufacturer of environmental systems since 1996. MAE2 is committed to building the best environmental remediation and wastewater treatment systems available. They are dedicated to delivering systems quickly and cost effectively; with outstanding customer support before and after the sale.

MAE2 has the experience and the equipment to design, integrate and deliver the highest quality systems at a competitive price. Their custom designed, self-contained and transportable groundwater and wastewater treatment systems are individually manufactured and delivered directly to the customer’s site where MAE2 provides startup assistance.

Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. is also one of three companies in the US certified to manufacturer remediation system for Chevron. In addition, MAE2 is a woman-owned corporation with certifications through Virginia Woman Business Enterprises, Fulton County Georgia WOB & CCR registered.

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