Power Factor

Power Factor – Save Energy with Intelligent Power Control

Power Factor ControlTake your power control to the next level with this system from Dynamic Power Control and The Horlick Company. Dynamic Power Control brings a unique concept to the business of Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Distortion Filtration. This state of the art patented technology improves Power Factor, which saves energy and corrects the damaging effects of high Total Harmonic Distortion. This is turn lowers your costs for electricity and equipment, consistently adding money to your bottom line.

The intelligent power control system is designed for your specific facility based on analysis of your equipment and power usage. Horlick is the manufacturer for Dynamic Power Control. You won’t find a more competent, talented and experienced team of professionals in the Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Distortion Filtration business today.
Power Factor

Increase Equipment Efficiency, Lower Electricity Costs

Low Power Factor increases the amount of energy used and causes equipment to operate at less than peak efficiency. Utility companies also charge a hefty additional fee when your power factor is below 0.90. Intelligent power control reduces the lag between voltage and current to minimize wasted power, lowering energy costs.

Benefits include reduced energy and distribution costs, lower distribution losses in your electrical system, higher and more quality voltage regulation and increased available capacity to serve actual working power requirements.

Eliminate Harmonic Distortion to Protect Equipment

In the US, Harmonic Distortion is defined as any electrical frequency that is not 60 cycles per second. Today, the hundreds of other electrical frequencies created by all our new electronic devices added together are defined as Total Harmonic Distortion, (THD). High frequency distortion will cause problems with everything that uses electricity. Filtering out this distortion reduces damage to equipment, lowering maintenance costs. It also increases employee safety.

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