Horlick Ships a Large Motor-Generator Set to be used as a 60-50 Hz Frequency Converter at an Airfoil Machining Facility

Randolph, MA – The Horlick Company, a leading supplier of industrial frequency conversion equipment, recently delivered a Model 50RG-3003 motor-generator set for use at a large Virginia manufacturer of aircraft airfoils.

For this project, the Horlick Company worked exclusively with an engineering design firm and a design-build general contractor in developing the design for the 60 to 50 Hz power system to be used at this new manufacturing facility.  Shawn Hennessey, Horlick’s Vice-President of Engineering, provided technical advice and detailed cost analysis for a variety of options that were considered for this facility.  In the end, the proposal that won the contract and was subsequently accepted by the end-user was based exclusively on Horlick’s recommendations.  From concept to execution, the project was a successful collaboration between a number of companies.

Horlick 60-50 Hz Motor Generator Set in outdoor enclosure

Horlick 60-50 Hz Motor Generator Set in Outdoor Enclosure

Horlick 50RG Model motor-generator sets utilize a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, induction motor to drive a 4-pole, 1500 RPM, synchronous generator through a reduction gear system.  This motor-generator set is rated for continuous-duty and it is designed to provide 50 Hz power for large industrial loads while minimizing maintenance and downtime.  The 50RG Model provides a clean source of 50 Hz power isolated from switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise.  In North America, they are primarily used by manufacturers who want to create a 50 Hz power source from the 60 Hz power they have available in their facilities.  The 50 Hz power is used by these manufacturers to test their products on the same power source their equipment will find when it is installed and used in countries overseas.

For the construction phase of the project, Horlick worked directly with Rudy L Hawkins who did the electrical contracting work.  Rudy L. Hawkins is one of the largest and most respected electrical contractors in Central Virginia.  David Yancey at Rudy Hawkins said “Horlick provided the documentation and technical support that we required and they were very easy to work with.  They were receptive to the processes that we use and we would be happy to work with them again on future projects

The 60 Hz to 50 Hz motor-generator set supplied was placed in one of Horlick’s custom outdoor enclosures.  It is illustrated in the above photograph.  At the request of the customer, Horlick provided startup assistance and training services for the motor-generator set once it was installed and wired.

About Horlick

The Horlick Company is a leading worldwide supplier of motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation.  Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.

The Horlick Company also designs and manufactures industrial control panels and motor control centers for motor and process control applications.  Specialties include the fabrication of both relay-based and PLC-based systems.

For more information on Horlick’s motor-generator sets, control panels and engineering expertise please visit https://horlick.com Source: The Horlick Company, sales@horlick.com

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