Horlick Industrial Control Panels Used to Control Water Treatment Systems

A US-based, worldwide water management solutions provider uses Horlick control panels to control its mobile wastewater treatment facilities.

The Horlick Company is a manufacturer of industrial control panels used in a wide variety of applications. One application involves the control of mobile water treatment facilities whereby the wastewater from an oil or gas well is treated to a level that allows it to be re-used in oilfield operations. Horlick’s customer provides an economic and efficient method for exploration and production companies to combat their water scarcity and disposal challenges.

Horlick’s customer uses patented technology to provide multiple services for its oilfield customers. One process uses proprietary low temperature, ambient pressure methods to recover fresh water from the desalination of industrial wastewater. The wastewater is used to humidify a carrier gas like air, nitrogen or helium. During the humidifying process, fresh water is separated from the dissolved impurities. The fresh water is subsequently recovered in a proprietary dehumidification process.

Industrial Control Panel for Water Treatment Systems

In order to construct their mobile water treatment platforms, the customer procures equipment skids from multiple vendors and they then tie them together to form a full treatment system. In some cases, there is a separate container that houses the control room for the entire operation. The Horlick control panels are placed on each of the equipment skids and in the control room and they communicate over Ethernet.

The Main Control Panel in the control room typically contains a programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator interface terminal (OIT) that are used to control and monitor the entire system.

The Remote Control Panels each have a unique design and they contain the PLC remote I/O, motor starters and variable frequency drives (VFDs) required for control of the individual equipment skids. Since the skids are located outdoors in harsh environments, Horlick utilizes NEMA 4X, stainless steel enclosures and air conditioners to protect the control components and keep them cool.

For these projects, Horlick develops the electrical schematics, control enclosure layouts and bills of material, while the customer provides the PLC programming and OIT screen development. A functional test of each control panel is performed prior to shipment.

The customer’s Vice-President of Engineering has been working with Horlick and Shawn Hennessey since 1999. He made the following comment: “Shawn’s excellence and dedication are the reason why I would not go anywhere else for control panels. I trust Shawn. I know I can rely on him to step up and do it right!

Horlick has recently completed six projects for this customer to include the control panels for three recycle plants and three smart evaporation systems. Additionally, the customer has just placed an additional order for twelve more control panels to be used in three new recycling plant projects.

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