The Horlick Company Announces the Recent Shipment of PLC-based, Industrial Control Panels to a Customer of the Wintriss Controls Group.

The four control panels are to be used to retrofit manufacturing equipment for a US-based, HVAC manufacturer.

Randolph, MA – The Horlick Company, a systems integrator and manufacturer of industrial control panels, announces the delivery of 4, PLC-based, industrial control panels for a customer of the Wintriss Controls Group. Wintriss, a Massachusetts based company, is a leading manufacturer of press automation, die protection, and safety controls for the metal stamping industry. The end customer for this project is a US-based, HVAC manufacturer. This delivery represents the first in a series of potential projects to be completed with this customer as they retrofit up to as many as 40 pieces of equipment. The equipment supplied by Wintriss provides the customer with upgraded safety control through automation, and it improves the efficiency of their manufacturing equipment.

Prior to working with Horlick, Wintriss manufactured control panels in-house at a facility near Chicago. In 2004, to improve efficiency, lower cost, and bring the manufacturing process closer to their offices in Massachusetts, Wintriss made the decision to outsource the construction of their control panels to the Horlick Company. The Horlick Company was recommended by a mutual supplier and the two companies have been working together ever since.

Dick LaBelle, the Sales and Marketing Manager for Wintriss Controls said, “For more than 10, years we have had a close relationship with the Horlick Company. We originally chose Horlick because they understood our ‘one of kind business’ and because they were able to be flexible in responding to our dynamic delivery schedule. It has been a great relationship and we rely on and trust Horlick to drop ship product directly to our end customers.”

The Horlick Company and Wintriss Controls have developed a very close working relationship. Over the years, it has grown into more of a partnership as the business flow between the companies has become very streamlined. The dynamic nature of the Wintriss’s business requires the relationship to be collaborative.

In order to quote the control panels, the Wintriss sales team uses a custom quoting database provided by the Horlick Company when they estimate Horlick’s portion of their projects. In selling their complete package, Wintriss works with sales representative organizations, OEM manufacturers, and in some cases directly with the final customer. Once the equipment is surveyed and an order is received, a specific retrofit system is designed.

For the control panel portion of the project, Wintriss develops the electrical schematics and sends them, along with their proprietary control components to Horlick to be used for construction. Horlick takes the drawing package, develops a bill of materials that is approved by Wintriss, and then constructs the control panels. All of the control panels supplied to Wintriss are UL508A listed and built to NFPA 70 and 79.

Once construction is complete and prior to shipment, a Wintriss engineer tests the completed system at Horlick’s facility. Quite frequently, in order to consolidate the shipment, Wintriss sends additional components that they are supplying to the customer and Horlick includes them with the shipment.

About Wintriss
Wintriss is a leading manufacturer of press automation, die protection, and safety controls for the metal stamping industry. Wintriss products are known for their proven performance and rugged dependability in the toughest factory environments.

Their press automation control integrates programmable limit switch, die protection, clutch/brake control, tonnage signature analysis, and automated setup of counterbalance and shutheight into one control. A majority of their business is derived from retrofitting new and improved control and automation systems onto existing equipment.

About Horlick
The Horlick Company designs and manufactures industrial control panels and motor control centers for motor and process control applications. Specialties include the fabrication of both relay-based and PLC-based systems.

The Horlick Company is also the worldwide leading supplier of motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.

For more information on Horlick’s motor-generator sets, control panels and engineering expertise please visit

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