A motor-generator set used to convert power from 60 Hz to 50 Hz

Examples of manufacturers using Horlick 50SC Model, as a 60 to 50Hz Converter, motor-generator set to test their products prior to shipping to customers in overseas markets

A commonly used application for a motor-generator set is as a 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency converter. In the applications described below, two manufacturers were experiencing a

60SC with Integrated Control Panel

60SC with Integrated Control Panel

growth in the overseas markets they served and they needed a means to test their products prior to shipment. In the European and Asian markets to which they were selling, the utility power grid runs at 50 Hz. In order to adequately test their equipment prior to shipment, these companies required a vendor who could provide a piece of equipment to convert 60 Hz utility power found here in the United States to the 50 Hz power found in the factories of their overseas customers. In both cases, the Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator set proved to be the ideal solution for their requirements.

The first customer manufacturers environmental test chambers used for component testing. These test chambers are able to create a varying environment where the temperature, vibration, altitude, etc. can be controlled and changed over time. These environmental chambers are used by a wide variety of manufacturers in industries such as mobile phones, solar panels and electric car batteries just to name a few. Essentially they are used by any manufacturer who wants to verify that their products perform under certain environmental conditions. Horlick’s customer in this case wanted to test their test chambers on a 50 Hz power source prior to shipping them to their destination in a factory overseas. They purchased a Model 50SC-1253 rated for 156 KVA and a Model 50SC-2003 rated for 250 KVA and setup two separate test bays at their facility. These motor-generator sets were both placed outdoors in custom, NEMA 3R, weather-resistant enclosures.

This customer found Horlick’s website and technical staff to be very helpful. They were pleased by the guidance and support they received throughout the process of configuring the proper units for their specific application.

The second customer, Nautel, is a Canadian based company that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of radio broadcast transmitters. They had a requirement to supply 27 medium wave AM transmitters for a project they were executing in India. Nautel’s order for 100 kW, 200 kW and 300 kW DRM enabled transmitters represents the world’s largest digital radio deployment to date. Nautel needed to create a 50 Hz power source in their manufacturing facility to replicate the 380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz power that would be utilized to power their equipment in India. They performed an Internet search and found the Horlick Company’s website. They were under a very tight time schedule and they quickly determined that the Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator set was the perfect solution. The Horlick Company manufactured a Model 50SC-603 in a NEMA 3R, outdoor, weather-resistant enclosure and shipped it to Nautel’s factory in Nova Scotia on an expedited delivery schedule.

“Thanks for your efforts—everything has gone well with your gear” said John Collier Senior Engineer at Nautel.

Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator sets provide 60-50 Hz frequency conversion for export manufacturers who wish to simulate the power provided in factories overseas. These 60 Hz to 50 Hz motor-generator sets can also be used to power 50 Hz equipment that has been imported from overseas and needs to run from the 60 Hz power grid found in American manufacturing facilities. These units utilize a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, induction motor to drive a 4-pole, 1500 RPM synchronous generator through a V-belt drive system. The output frequency is 50 Hz (+/-1.5%). Horlick 50SC Model units are offered in capacities ranging from 5 to 313 KVA and they can be shipped in custom sound-resistant or weather-resistant enclosures.

For power capacities greater than 313 KVA, the Horlick Company offers the 50RG and 50SH Models.

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