What products do you manufacture?

The Horlick Company manufactures motor-generator sets and custom electrical control enclosures.

What applications utilize your products?

Horlick motor-generator sets are used for both frequency conversion and line-isolation. Our products deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries. The custom industrial control panels that we manufacture are primarily used for motor and process control applications. Our specialties include the fabrication of relay-based and PLC-based control panels and motor control centers. We are UL508A and 698A listed.

How long has Horlick been in business?

The Horlick Company has been in business for over 60 years.

Does the Horlick Company offer a warranty?

We offer a standard one-year warranty.

Do we have distributors?

The Horlick Company does not have distributors, however, we do have manufactures representatives in select territories that represent us. In those areas where we do not have representation, we sell customer direct.

How do I get a quote for a motor-generator set or control panel?

You can fill out a request for quotation form on our website, or you can call 781-963-0090 and ask to speak with a member of our technical support team.

What is your standard lead-time for a motor-generator set or control panel?

We manufacture a wide range of products that vary in their functionality and complexity. All of our products are built to order. We can typically manufacture a standard system in 6-8 weeks. For larger more specialized products, our lead-time may be as long as 14-16 weeks. If our quoted lead-time exceeds your requested timeframe, we will work directly with you in whatever capacity we are able to shorten our lead-time to meet your requirements.

What is a motor-generator set?

A motor-generator set is an electro-mechanical device used to convert electric power. It is designed to take the voltage and frequency of an incoming power source and convert it to an output power source with a different voltage and frequency. Alternatively, it can simply be used to stabilize an electric power source and provide complete line isolation.

How does a motor-generator set work?

As the name implies, a motor-generator set utilizes an electric motor as the prime mover to drive a generator. The motor and generator can be mounted on a common shaft or they can be mechanically connected through a coupling, belt drive system or reduction gear. In all cases, the motor requires a source of three-phase power and it runs on electrical input current while it drives the generator to produce the required single-phase or three-phase electrical output power.

How does the Horlick Company support their motor-generator sets once they are installed in the field?

Motor-generator sets are extremely durable and reliable and they can be expected to run continuously without incident for years. If one of our motor-generator sets operates improperly, we can typically diagnose the problem through a phone conversation with the end-user. We can typically fix most problems by sending the required part necessary for the repair straight from our stock. If a more serious problem is diagnosed, then we will work with a local repair facility in your area to provide a higher level of support if it is required.

Does the Horlick Company perform installation work?

No we are equipment suppliers and we do not install our equipment on jobsites.

Is a site startup required for your equipment?

A site startup is not typically required. The Horlick Company fully tests all of its equipment before it is shipped. If the install is completed properly, then the end-user should be able to start the equipment on their own. If a site startup is requested, then we will gladly perform one upon request.

Does the Horlick Company rent their equipment?

Yes, we have a fleet of rental motor-generator sets.