Horlick Company Announces the Successful Refurbishment and Redeployment of Motor-Generator Sets for the Letterkenny Army Depot

Two 60-400 Hz motor generators rebuilt and new PLC based control panel system installed

Randolph, MA 11/06/2012 – The Horlick Company a leader in the manufacture of motor-generator sets for both frequency conversion and load-isolation announces the successful completion of an army contract to overhaul and rebuild two motor generators for the Letterkenny Army Depot.

The contract was to refurbish two 75 KVA, 60-400 Hz motor-generator sets. These motor generators, not originally supplied by Horlick, are equivalent to the Horlick MG Set 400TR-603 model.

“This contract was awarded to the Horlick Company because we are one of the only motor generator companies with the experience and expertise required to perform this level of work at a competitive price.” said Shawn Hennessy Horlick’s Vice President of Engineering. “We are presently working on a second contract similar to the first one. The new contract is for two 125 KVA, 60-400 Hz motor-generator sets. We have just completed the work on the first one under this contract and we are preparing to overhaul the second unit now. These would be equivalent to our Model 400TR-1003.”

The scope of work for the completed program announced today included removing the motor-generator sets, bringing them to Horlick’s facility in Randolph, MA, mechanically overhauling them, and outfitting them with a new advanced control system. The mechanical overhaul included changing the bearings, rebalancing the rotors and steam cleaning and baking the rotors and stators. The new control system that was provided contained a programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator interface terminal (OIT) to control the motor-generator set.

Once the overhaul work was completed and the units were re-assembled, the motor-generator sets were given an 8-hour load test at the Horlick Company’s facility in Randolph Mass. Upon successful completion of the load test, the Horlick Company contracted with a local rigger and electrical contractor in Chambersburg, PA to deliver the motor-generators back to Letterkenny and re-install them. To complete the contract, once the motor-generator sets were re-installed, the Horlick Company performed a site startup and training session on the new PLC control system.

Horlick 400TR 60-400 Hz motor-generator sets are reserved for specialized applications. They are most commonly deployed in demanding military environments or in applications where a precise 400 Hz output is required.

60-400Hz MG-Sets are widely used at naval and air force bases, missile and ground support installations, radar and communications test sites, airports and university laboratories. The Letterkenny Army Depot uses these units in support of the Patriot Missile System. The Contract was received in March and completed in September.

About Horlick

The Horlick Company is the worldwide leading supplier of motor-generator sets to be used for both frequency conversion and load-isolation. Horlick motor-generator sets deliver a clean source of electrical power that is utilized in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries.

The Horlick Company also designs and manufactures industrial control panels and motor control centers for motor and process control applications. Specialties include the fabrication of both relay-based and PLC-based systems.

The Horlick Company has over 75 Year of experience supplying generators, switching and transformer products to government and industry.

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