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Horlick Industrial Control Panels Used to Control Water Treatment Systems

A US-based, worldwide water management solutions provider uses Horlick control panels to control its mobile wastewater treatment facilities.

The Horlick Company is a manufacturer of industrial control panels used in a wide variety of applications. One application involves the control of mobile water treatment facilities whereby the wastewater from an oil or gas well is treated to a level that allows it to be re-used in oilfield operations. Horlick’s customer provides an economic and efficient method for exploration and production companies to combat their water scarcity and disposal challenges.

Horlick’s customer uses patented technology to provide multiple services for its oilfield customers. One process uses proprietary low temperature, ambient pressure methods to recover fresh water from the desalination of industrial wastewater. The wastewater is used to humidify a carrier gas like air, nitrogen or helium. During the humidifying process, fresh water is separated from the dissolved impurities. The fresh water is subsequently recovered in a proprietary dehumidification process.

Industrial Control Panel for Water Treatment Systems

In order to construct their mobile water treatment platforms, the customer procures equipment skids from multiple vendors and they then tie them together to form a full treatment system. In some cases, there is a separate container that houses the control room for the entire operation. The Horlick control panels are placed on each of the equipment skids and in the control room and they communicate over Ethernet.

The Main Control Panel in the control room typically contains a programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator interface terminal (OIT) that are used to control and monitor the entire system.

The Remote Control Panels each have a unique design and they contain the PLC remote I/O, motor starters and variable frequency drives (VFDs) required for control of the individual equipment skids. Since the skids are located outdoors in harsh environments, Horlick utilizes NEMA 4X, stainless steel enclosures and air conditioners to protect the control components and keep them cool.

For these projects, Horlick develops the electrical schematics, control enclosure layouts and bills of material, while the customer provides the PLC programming and OIT screen development. A functional test of each control panel is performed prior to shipment.

The customer’s Vice-President of Engineering has been working with Horlick and Shawn Hennessey since 1999. He made the following comment: “Shawn’s excellence and dedication are the reason why I would not go anywhere else for control panels. I trust Shawn. I know I can rely on him to step up and do it right!

Horlick has recently completed six projects for this customer to include the control panels for three recycle plants and three smart evaporation systems. Additionally, the customer has just placed an additional order for twelve more control panels to be used in three new recycling plant projects.

Connecting and controlling multiple, remote industrial control panels through fiber optic cable.

A soil remediation project requiring 10 remote recovery wells will be controlled via separate control panels using fiber optic cable.

The Horlick Company is a manufacturer of industrial controls used in a wide variety of applications. A single control panel is commonly used to control an individual piece of equipment or it can be used to control a localized process that may consist of pumps, blowers, heaters, etc. For larger projects, or projects where the equipment is separated by a great distance, several control panels may be needed to integrate the process. These control panels are typically networked together and controlled from a central location.

This application note describes a groundwater remediation installation in South Carolina that required control panels to be installed at (10) separate recovery wells to be remotely controlled and monitored by an eleventh ‘main’ control panel at a central location.

Remote Control Panel for water remediation project

Remote Control Panel

Due to the distances involved and client preference, there were three options to facilitate communication between the eleven control panels:

  1. Direct wire
  2. Fiber Optic Cable
  3. Leased Cellular Network

The project specification allowed for a single programmable logic controller (PLC) within the main control panel, combined with distributed inputs and outputs (I/O) to be located in the individual well control panels. The original design specification showed preference for a leased cellular wireless network to be used as the means of communicating between the control panels. The importance of maintaining a reliable and robust connection between the control panels, combined with the fact that the furthest well control panel was located 4,000 feet away from the main control panel, led the Horlick Company to propose a fiber optic network for the communication platform. Since the client already had to trench for the water piping, Horlick felt that the cost impact of adding the fiber optic cable runs to each well would not be as significant had the trenching not already been required. Additionally, once installed, there would be no further cost for the fiber optic cable solution. If the client had chosen the cellular approach, initial equipment costs would have been compounded by monthly network maintenance fees during the lifetime of the project. Additionally, there was also the uncertainty of required cellular equipment replacement in the event of carrier technology upgrades.

The client ultimately agreed with Horlick’s approach and Horlick provided a main control panel with an Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC and (10) remote well control panels with Allen-Bradley distributed I/O. Each well control panel contains motor controls for the groundwater pumps. The level and flow rate from each well are monitored and the flow is controlled through the operation of a modulating control valve associated with each well. The parameters, set points and operation of each recovery well are controlled from the main control panel. All of this data is communicated over the fiber network. The fiber optic cable is terminated on N-Tron FX series Ethernet switches that are utilized to complete the network. To date, the system has been running without incident and the client can take comfort in the fact that neither the weather, cellular tower uptime, nor radio interference will have any impact on the effectiveness of their system.

Main Control Panel ground water remediation project

Main Control Panel

Remediation Project Details

The Horlick Company, Inc. supplied the control panels to Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. (MAE2). The control system has been designed and manufactured to operate groundwater recovery and treatment equipment associated with extraction of a large volatile organic compound (VOC) plume in the aquifer.

The end customer, a valve manufacturer in South Carolina for over 40 years, has allowed solvents to contaminate the soil around the factory. Since the solvents are water soluble, the solvents have leached into the local aquifer and have contaminated the water table in a nearby residential community. With all of the wells in operation, the system has the capacity to run at 275 gallons per minute while it draws down the water and allows the contaminants to be removed.

MAE2’s system included (10) groundwater pumps, combined with equalization and storage tank transfer pumps, and dual air stripper blowers that are all controlled by the Horlick control system. This is a project that was in discussion and preparation for 8 years. The site startup occurred in September of 2016 and the cleanup is expected to last for about 20 years before remediation is complete.

“Horlick control panels are laid out well and use quality materials” said Shawn Evans, Vice President for MAE2 “Horlick has a remarkable range of products and capability; they can provide control panels that are single use basic panels all the way up to entire systems. We never use anyone else for our control panels as Horlick provides a very good product at a fair price”

About Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment
Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. (MAE2) has been a leading manufacturer of environmental systems since 1996. MAE2 is committed to building the best environmental remediation and wastewater treatment systems available. They are dedicated to delivering systems quickly and cost effectively; with outstanding customer support before and after the sale.

MAE2 has the experience and the equipment to design, integrate and deliver the highest quality systems at a competitive price. Their custom designed, self-contained and transportable groundwater and wastewater treatment systems are individually manufactured and delivered directly to the customer’s site where MAE2 provides startup assistance.

Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. is also one of three companies in the US certified to manufacturer remediation system for Chevron. In addition, MAE2 is a woman-owned corporation with certifications through Virginia Woman Business Enterprises, Fulton County Georgia WOB & CCR registered.

For more information about Horlick Industrial control panels and applications please contact us at 781-963-0090

Rental Units for 60 Hz to 50 Hz Frequency Conversion

Rental Units for 60 Hz to 50 Hz Frequency Conversion

Cost Effective Solutions for Motor Generator Set Applications.

There are several reasons why renting a MG-set from the Horlick Company may be a better solution than buying at unit outright. The units within the Horlick rental fleet are mostly units that are designed for 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency conversion, this allows mains power typically found in the United States to be converted into a frequency typically available in places such as Europe.

Motor-generator for frequency conversion 50 Hz to 60 Hz from Horlick

One the 60-50 HZ frequency converters in Horlick’s rental fleet

Applications for Rental Motor Generator sets

A typical application for a 60 Hz to 50 Hz generator like the Horlick 50 SC range is product testing. A manufacturer in the USA wishing to ship electrical products to Europe will need to test them using the frequencies available in the destination country. If the manufacturer is new to shipping to Europe and does not expect to be shipping products there on a regular basis then renting a unit may be a better solution than buying a MG-set. The monthly cost of a rental is approximately one tenth of the cost of a purchased unit, so for a one off project it will be clearly cost effective to rent rather than buy.

Some examples of this kind of application include a manufacturer of compressors based in Michigan, who had a one off project to ship products to Europe. This company found the Horlick website through an Internet search and though they considered buying a Motor Generator, they realized that for this one project it made more sense to rent rather than to buy.

Another rental customer who manufactures neutron generators used in medical and military fields, also had a one-time project that required testing products that would be shipped to Europe, therefore they had a short term need for a 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency conversion MG-set.

In both cases the customers found that the rental unit was self-explanatory to use and no technical support was required. After mains power was wired into the control panel, mounted onto the unit, then the unit could be turned on and 50 Hz power was produced at the output.

Another reason why it can make sense to rent a motor generator set from Horlick is lead time. If your need to test products begins within the MG-set lead time then renting is a short term option that will bridge the gap. Several Horlick customers have used this option.

Another potential application for a 60 Hz to 50 Hz MG-set, is to power manufacturing equipment that was originally built for use overseas but is now installed in the USA. Often is can be very expensive to refit equipment to run on 60 Hz, in this case a 60-50 Hz Motor generator is a better option. This will typically call for a purchased unit, but if the lead time is a factor then renting a unit on a temporary basis will provide a bridge until the purchased unit is available.

The Horlick Company’s Rental Fleet

The Horlick Company’s fleet of motor-generator sets available for rental consists mostly of 60-50 HZ frequency converters. Our standard rental units are shipped with the controls for the motor-generator set unit-mounted for ease of installation and use.

Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator sets utilize a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, induction motor to drive a 4-pole, 1500 RPM synchronous generator through a V-belt drive system. The output frequency is 50 Hz (+/-1.5%) due to slip of the induction motor. 50SC Model motor-generator sets are rated for continuous duty and they provide manufacturers a clean source of 50 Hz power isolated from switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise.

In some instances, renting a Horlick motor-generator set may provide the solution to frequency conversion application at a fraction of the cost of equipment ownership.

Please contact us for more information on our rental units.

Rugged Outdoor Applications for Motor-Generator Sets

Rugged Outdoor Applications for Motor-Generator Sets

Critical applications that require continuous up-time, at full power in adverse conditions with minimal required maintenance.

Horlick motor-generator sets are designed for continuous-duty in an indoor environment. Quite frequently an indoor installation is not possible and we are requested to supply our motor-generator sets in an outdoor enclosure. More often than not, the environmental conditions at the site where the motor-generator will be located are less than ideal.

As required, the Horlick Company provides its motor-generator sets in custom, outdoor, weather-resistant enclosures. The basic construction consists of the motor-generator set mounted on a rigid-steel base and covered by an enclosure that utilizes an extruded aluminum frame and has walls that are made from galvanized sheet metal. We have successfully deployed motor-generators sets with this design in a variety of environmental conditions that include high elevations where snow, wind and rain are prevalent or in desert environments where high heat, large temperature variations and wind driven sand can be common.

Below are two examples of projects just completed where our motor-generator sets were placed in custom, weather-resistant enclosures.

Dockside installation of 60SC Model Motor-Generator set for the Israeli Navy

The Horlick Company delivered a Model 603-503 motor-generator set to a contractor to the Israeli Navy as part of a larger project. The motor-generator set was consolidated with other equipment procured by the U.S. based subsidiary of the contractor and then shipped to Israel for deployment.

The motor-generator provided was designed to convert 50 Hz to 60 Hz and deliver a power capacity of 62.5 KVA. The motor-generator set was required because it is used to supply power to 60 Hz loads in Israel where the only power available is supplied at 50 Hz.

Dockside installation of 60SC Model Motor-Generator set
The requirement was for continuous operation, outdoors, in a seaside installation. The customer originally found Horlick as a result of an Internet search and was able to determine that the Horlick Company had the technical expertise to meet the requirements of the application. The Horlick Company submitted a formal submittal with all of the design parameters of its equipment and then worked closely with the customer through the approval process to make sure the equipment would perform as required. The customer commented that “the Horlick Company was very helpful and that they promptly and thoroughly answered every question and that the unit that was delivered has performed exactly as designed and expected.

Successful deployment of a 50SC Model Motor-Generator set for an oil well testing application in a desert environment

An oil and gas services company, based in Texas and working in the Middle East, had a requirement to provide a source of continuous 50 Hz power to support their local field operations. The available power at the worksite was 60 Hz, and as a result, the company needed a motor generator set to provide the frequency conversion from 60 Hz to 50 Hz. In addition, the jobsite was a hot sandy desert which meant that the motor-generator set needed to be designed to run continuously in an outdoor enclosure.

The customer’s country manager in the Middle East found the Horlick Company through an Internet search and determined that Horlick equipment was the best option for this application. They were very pleased with the technical support provided by Horlick and the flexibility offered with the delivery.

Originally the order was expedited and built in an accelerated time frame, but when conditions on the ground at the location changed right before shipment, the Horlick Company stored the completed equipment and delivered it weeks later once the customer’s problem had been resolved.

This customer was so pleased with their experience that they subsequently ordered another similar but smaller motor-generator for another location in the same region.


Custom Enclosure Design

50SC Model Motor-Generator set for an oil well testing application in a desert environmentHorlick motor-generator sets are designed for continuous-duty in an indoor environment. Depending on the model and its capacity, typical noise levels can be as low as 75-80 dBA or as high as 100-105 dBA. For customers that require a lower noise level or for those that wish to place the unit outdoors, the Horlick Company offers custom enclosures.

Regardless of whether the application is for noise reduction or weather protection, the same basic construction is used for Horlick enclosures. The enclosure is designed to sit on the rigid steel base that supports the motor-generator set and its frame is made from extruded aluminum. The four walls and the roof are made from galvanized sheet metal and they are insulated with 2-inch thick sound-deadening foam. To provide easy access to the motor-generator set and allow for maintenance, three of the enclosure walls are removable.

The custom enclosure is self-ventilated. The internal fans of the motor and generator pull air through a screened opening in the back wall, and the air is then exhausted through custom ducting attached to the motor and generator outlet air exhaust plenums. This simple design has proven to be very effective in outdoor applications involving extreme heat, rain or wind-blown sand.

To make the installation easier for the customer, all electrical connections are routed through a conduit opening in the one fixed wall of the enclosure and terminated in the system control panel. Alternatively, for those customers who prefer the control panel to be located separate from the motor-generator set, the electrical connections can be terminated in a junction box. With either approach, the customer is not be required to make any penetrations into the custom enclosure when the motor-generator set is installed.

Please call us at 781-963-0090 to discuss your specific requirements.

Frequency Conversion from 60 Hz to 400 Hz, using Horlick Motor-Generator Sets

Horlick motor-generator sets provide 60-400 Hz frequency conversion for naval and air force bases, missile and ground support operations, and manufacturers requiring 400 Hz power for product testing.

While the frequency of the power provided by utilities all throughout the world is either 50 Hz or 60 Hz, the frequency of the power used in the aircraft and aerospace industries is 400 Hz. This frequency has become the standard in these industries because transformers, motors, instruments and other equipment can all be made smaller and lighter when they run at 400 Hz. Since 400 Hz power is not transmitted by the utilities, there is a requirement for frequency conversion equipment that converts power from 60 Hz to 400 Hz. This 400 Hz power is used to power aircraft when the engines are turned off and it is also used by manufacturers in the aircraft and aerospace industries who require a 400 Hz power source to test their products.

The Horlick Company offers two varieties of motor-generator sets to convert frequency from 60 Hz to 400 Hz. The 400SC Model motor-generator consists of a 4-pole, 60 Hz, induction motor and a 24-pole, 400 Hz, synchronous generator mounted on a rigid steel base and mechanically connected via a flexible coupling. The base speed of the motor is 1800 RPM while the generator is 2000 RPM. In order to get the generator to produce 400 Hz power, the motor is driven by a variable frequency drive that raises its speed to 2000 RPM. The speed control in the basic 400SC Model design is open loop and as a result the generator output frequency is 400 Hz (+/- 1%). The frequency regulation can be improved to (+/-0.1%) by adding an encoder to the motor and switching the speed control to closed loop. 400SC Model motor-generator sets can be supplied in capacities that range from 12.5 KVA to 150 KVA. They can be used in military applications or most commonly by equipment manufacturers that require an economical power source that does not need to be precisely 400 Hz.

Horlick Motor Generators offer 60 Hz to 400 Hz Frequency Conversion

60 Hz to 400 Hz Frequency Conversion

The 400TR Model motor-generator is most commonly deployed in demanding military environments or in applications where a precise 400 Hz output is required. This motor-generator sets consist of a 6-pole, synchronous motor and a 40-pole, synchronous generator mounted on a common shaft. The machine rotates at a synchronous speed of 1200 RPM and it provides a precise source of 400 Hz power under the most adverse conditions. 400TR Model motor-generator sets are designed to run continuously for years with little or no maintenance. They can be supplied in capacities that range from 12.5 KVA to 375 KVA. They are frequently placed in custom weather-resistant enclosures and used in remote military applications all over the world.

Here are two recent examples of 400 Hz frequency conversion motor generator sets provided by The Horlick Company.

Product Testing for 400 Hz Heating and Air Ventilation System

A Pennsylvania based, engineering and manufacturing firm with customers in Defense, Aerospace, and Medical industries recently had a government contract to design and manufacture a custom heating and air ventilation system that was specified to run at 400 Hz. To be able to test their system prior to installation, a local source of 400 Hz power was required. Additionally, they had the requirement to test their product with variations to the output voltage and frequency.

To meet this requirement, the Horlick Company shipped a Model 400SC-203 motor-generator set that was rated for 25 KVA. In addition, Horlick modified their standard design to give the customer the ability to vary the generator output frequency from 360-440 Hz so that the customer could fully test their product per their customer’s specifications.

This system is currently operational and operating exactly as designed and specified. The customer described the Horlick Company as “great people to work with. Horlick accommodated our needed changes and enhancements, answered all of our questions and provided excellent communication throughout the process. We would be happy to work with Horlick in the future should the need arise.”

The Fourth 60 Hz to 400 Hz Motor Generator Shipped to the Letterkenny Army Depot

Horlick 400TR, 60-400 Hz, motor-generator sets are reserved for specialized military applications where a precise 400 Hz output is required. Recently the Horlick Company overhauled a 400TR Model motor-generator set for the Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA. This is the fourth such unit that Horlick has overhauled for Letterkenny. The unit overhauled is a Model 400TR-1003 rated for 125 KVA. The motor-generator set’s control system was enhanced to contain a programmable logic controller (PLC) and operator interface terminal (OIT) per the Depot’s specifications. The Horlick Company provided on-site startup and training for the custom control system.
The Letterkenny Army Depot is part of the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Air Defense System command, and is known as the Army’s Capabilities Based Depot. Among the many capabilities provided by Letterkenny is the aviation ground power unit (AGPU) which is designed to provide electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic servicing of rotary-wing aircraft. Horlick, 400TR Model, 60-400 Hz, frequency converting, motor-generator sets are an excellent choice for this Army Depot as they provide the precise source of 400 Hz power required for this demanding military application.

For more information on the Horlick Company’s 60-400 Hz line of frequency conversion motor-generator sets please contact us at 781-963-0090

Frequency conversion to allow electrical testing of products shipped worldwide

Frequency conversion to allow the electrical testing of products that are to be shipped worldwide

Using motor-generator sets to convert frequency to create a power source to test products that are to be shipped internationally.

MG silo

60SC 50 Hz to 60 Hz Unit Mount Motor Generator Set

When a manufacturer wishes to ship an electrical product internationally, they must be cognizant of the power source in the destination country as it can be different from the source of power used in the country where the product is manufactured. Along with voltage differences, countries operate their power sources on different frequencies. The two frequencies used worldwide are 60 Hz and 50 Hz. The North American countries, Saudi Arabia and portions of Japan utilize 60 Hz power, whereas Europe, Asia and most of the rest of the world operate on 50 Hz power. The frequency differences between countries require global manufacturers to design their products to operate on 60 Hz and 50 Hz power sources.

The challenge for manufacturers is that in order to properly test their products prior to shipment overseas, they require a power source in their manufacturing plant that replicates the power source that will be found in the final destination country. A common method used to convert frequency from the local power source to the required international power source is a motor-generator set.

Horlick motor-generator sets have successfully provided a clean source of power conversion for companies worldwide. They are used by manufacturers in the United States who need to convert power from 60 Hz to 50 Hz and they are similarly used by overseas manufacturers who need to do just the opposite and convert frequency from 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

Horlick has recently shipped a Model 60SC-301, frequency converting, motor-generator to a Thailand division of a, more than 100 year old, global manufacturing company that makes coffee grinders, beverage equipment and food processing equipment. The Thailand plant manufactures coffee grinders that are sold in the United States and need to be tested at 60 Hz prior to shipment.

Horlick 60SC Model motor-generator sets utilizes a 4-pole, 1500 RPM, induction motor to drive a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, synchronous generator through a V-belt drive system. Given a 50 Hz input, the motor-generator set will produce a clean source of 60 Hz power, isolated from switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise. The motor-generator sets are equipped with a standard control panel that contains a motor-starter, voltage regulator, output circuit breaker, start-stop push-buttons, pilot lights and a meter package.

The Model 60SC-301 used in this project had an output rating of 37.5 KVA, single-phase. The 60SC series of Horlick motor-generator sets can be configured for a single-phase or three-phase output and they are manufactured in capacities that range from 6.25 to 313 KVA. For higher power capacity applications, Horlick offers the 60RG line of motor-generator sets that can be built for capacities up to 1250 KVA.

Horlick has previously shipped motor-generator sets to USA based facilities of the same corporation that owns the Thailand plant. This shipment to Thailand represents the fourth motor-generator that this company has purchased and the first that they have located in an overseas manufacturing facility. Horlick works with many multi-national corporations similar to this one who have multiple manufacturing sites worldwide where a frequency converter is required for product testing. Regardless of whether product is being tested overseas for sale in the USA, or tested in the USA for shipments overseas, the Horlick Company offers motor-generator sets that convert frequency to create the test power that is required.

A motor-generator set used to convert power from 60 Hz to 50 Hz

A motor-generator set used to convert power from 60 Hz to 50 Hz

Examples of manufacturers using Horlick 50SC Model, as a 60 to 50Hz Converter, motor-generator set to test their products prior to shipping to customers in overseas markets

A commonly used application for a motor-generator set is as a 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequency converter. In the applications described below, two manufacturers were experiencing a

60SC with Integrated Control Panel

60SC with Integrated Control Panel

growth in the overseas markets they served and they needed a means to test their products prior to shipment. In the European and Asian markets to which they were selling, the utility power grid runs at 50 Hz. In order to adequately test their equipment prior to shipment, these companies required a vendor who could provide a piece of equipment to convert 60 Hz utility power found here in the United States to the 50 Hz power found in the factories of their overseas customers. In both cases, the Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator set proved to be the ideal solution for their requirements.

The first customer manufacturers environmental test chambers used for component testing. These test chambers are able to create a varying environment where the temperature, vibration, altitude, etc. can be controlled and changed over time. These environmental chambers are used by a wide variety of manufacturers in industries such as mobile phones, solar panels and electric car batteries just to name a few. Essentially they are used by any manufacturer who wants to verify that their products perform under certain environmental conditions. Horlick’s customer in this case wanted to test their test chambers on a 50 Hz power source prior to shipping them to their destination in a factory overseas. They purchased a Model 50SC-1253 rated for 156 KVA and a Model 50SC-2003 rated for 250 KVA and setup two separate test bays at their facility. These motor-generator sets were both placed outdoors in custom, NEMA 3R, weather-resistant enclosures.

This customer found Horlick’s website and technical staff to be very helpful. They were pleased by the guidance and support they received throughout the process of configuring the proper units for their specific application.

The second customer, Nautel, is a Canadian based company that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of radio broadcast transmitters. They had a requirement to supply 27 medium wave AM transmitters for a project they were executing in India. Nautel’s order for 100 kW, 200 kW and 300 kW DRM enabled transmitters represents the world’s largest digital radio deployment to date. Nautel needed to create a 50 Hz power source in their manufacturing facility to replicate the 380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz power that would be utilized to power their equipment in India. They performed an Internet search and found the Horlick Company’s website. They were under a very tight time schedule and they quickly determined that the Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator set was the perfect solution. The Horlick Company manufactured a Model 50SC-603 in a NEMA 3R, outdoor, weather-resistant enclosure and shipped it to Nautel’s factory in Nova Scotia on an expedited delivery schedule.

“Thanks for your efforts—everything has gone well with your gear” said John Collier Senior Engineer at Nautel.

Horlick 50SC Model motor-generator sets provide 60-50 Hz frequency conversion for export manufacturers who wish to simulate the power provided in factories overseas. These 60 Hz to 50 Hz motor-generator sets can also be used to power 50 Hz equipment that has been imported from overseas and needs to run from the 60 Hz power grid found in American manufacturing facilities. These units utilize a 4-pole, 1800 RPM, induction motor to drive a 4-pole, 1500 RPM synchronous generator through a V-belt drive system. The output frequency is 50 Hz (+/-1.5%). Horlick 50SC Model units are offered in capacities ranging from 5 to 313 KVA and they can be shipped in custom sound-resistant or weather-resistant enclosures.

For power capacities greater than 313 KVA, the Horlick Company offers the 50RG and 50SH Models.

For more information on the Horlick Company’s 60-50 Hz line of frequency converting motor-generator sets please contact at 781-963-0090

Line Conditioning by a Motor-Generator Set Provides a Source of Clean Power

Line Conditioning by a Motor-Generator Set Provides a Source of Clean Power:

Two Examples of Maritime Applications

An important application for motor generators is line isolation, where a clean source of electrical power, free of switching transients or other fluctuations, is required. In the two applications described here, a Horlick FC Model 60-60 Hz motor-generator set is used onboard a ship and an oil rig to prevent line noise from reaching sensitive electronic equipment.

In motor-generator set applications used for line conditioning, the input and output voltages can be configured as required for the application. The key to the design is the mechanical isolation that exists between the motor and generator. The mechanical isolation effectively filters out any switching transients or other fluctuations on the input and it allows the generator to produce a clean, noise free, sinusoidal output voltage.

The Horlick Company recently shipped a Model 60FC-603, 75 KVA, 60-60 Hz, motor-generator set to SEACOR.
This motor-generator set was placed on their “Anchor Handling Towing Supply” (AHTS) vessel, the Seacor Vanguard. AHTS vessels are naval ships specifically built to tug or tow oil rigs to sea and oceanic areas. The “anchor supply” mentioned as a part of the vessel’s name is then allowed to be sunk into the seawater in order to anchor the oil rig. Additionally, another major feature of these vessels is that they also act as rescue vessels for other ships in times of distress or emergency.

60-60 Hz Motor Generator sets for Line Conditioning

60 Hz Line Conditioning MG Set on AHTS Seacor Vanguard

SEACOR Marine’s AHTS vessels are built to deploy and recover mooring systems for deepwater drilling rigs. These highly specialized vessels have high cargo capacities and large capacity traction winches for the deepwater mooring of their customers’ drilling rigs. In order to achieve their critical tasks, these vessels employ state-of-the-art electronics to monitor and control their equipment and to provide dynamic positioning capabilities. The sensitive electronics in this particular case were experiencing failures due to the electrical noise that was originating from other 60 Hz loads within the vessels’ electrical distribution system.

To combat the problem, the Horlick motor-generator set was installed between the equipment that was generating the electrical noise and the sensitive electronics so as to provide electrical isolation. Horlick line conditioners have the ability to run from the “noisy” source and provide clean isolated power to the sensitive equipment. The system supplied to the SEACOR Vanguard provided a 60 Hz power source free of switching transients, voltage fluctuations and power line noise. 60FC Model motor-generator sets are rated for continuous duty and they isolate and protect computers, instrumentation and other sensitive electronic equipment from electrical faults that may cause erratic performance or failure. They are ideal in applications that require a pure sine wave and absolute load isolation.

In another somewhat similar maritime application, Horlick is shipping a Model 60FC-2003, 250 KVA, 60-60 Hz motor-generator set to Atwood Oceanics.

60-60 Hz MG sets for clean electrical power

60 Hz Line Conditioning MG Set on the Atwood Falcon

Atwood Oceanics is an offshore drilling contractor. Established in 1968, Atwood is a leader in delivering safe, reliable and efficient offshore drilling services around the world. Atwood has a multinational workforce of 1,500 people and they own eleven drilling rigs that operate in most of the world’s leading offshore hydrocarbon basins. Atwood Oceanics was named to Forbes’ 2011 “Best Small Company” list for the 5th consecutive year.

The Horlick Company is currently constructing a Model 60FC-2003, 250 KVA motor-generator set that is to be placed on one of Atwood’s semi-submersible oil drilling platforms, the Atwood Falcon. This platform is currently located off the coast of Australia and it is a Maltese Cross class drilling platform that works in ocean depths up to 25,000 feet.

In a manner similar to the one described above for the AHTS vessel, the Horlick motor-generator set will be installed between the power source for the rig and its sensitive electronics. These electronics are currently experiencing interference from the oil rig power supply. The motor-generator will condition the 60 Hz power, making it clean for the sensitive electronics. In this particular application, the motor-generator set will be mounted in Horlick’s custom outdoor enclosure as it will be mounted on the rig platform.

Horlick line conditioners are designed to minimize equipment damage, shutdown and data loss in areas where incoming power line fluctuations are a problem. They are ideally suited for maritime applications such as those described above. Horlick supplies two types of motor generators sets for line conditioning; the FC and the RC lines. The FC Model is the most economical and it was chosen for these applications because a precise 60 Hz output was NOT required. The output frequency on these units is 60 Hz at no-load and they linearly slip to approximately 59.2 Hz at full-load. In applications where a precise 60 Hz output is required, the Horlick Company offers its RC Model motor-generator set which utilizes a synchronous motor to drive the generator. The synchronous motor runs at a constant speed from no-load to full-load and this allows the output frequency to be precisely 60 Hz for all load conditions. Both the FC and RC Models can also be used in 50 Hz applications to create the same level of electrical line isolation herein described.

For more information on Horlick Motor Generators Sets please contact us at 781-963-0090

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